Grinding Your Weed

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Grinding Your Weed

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Grinding Your Weed

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Now many of you may think, why did he made a chapter about grinding? Everyone can grind marijuana right….? Well, this sounds easy but somehow I still see people rolling joints with huge CHUNKS of marijuana in it. This is not what we want!

Let me tell you what happens if you leave chunks of marijuana in your joint:

1. It will be harder to roll (chunks of marijuana create bumps, thus making it harder to roll a tight joint.)

2. It can create congestion (blocks the smoke from getting into the roach)

3. If you don’t role it tight enough (which will be harder, see 1) you will get chunks of
marijuana falling out of your joint on the floor messing up your carpet or couch.

4. Joints with bumps sticking out the sides look ugly. We don’t want ugly, we want
The Perfect Joint!

Marijuana can be hard to grind in some cases, especially when its wet (fresh), it will be very hard to grind! The best thing you can do with wet marijuana, is to put it between 2 tissue’s en let it try out. You can speed up this process by heating up the tissue’s with a hair blower. The dryer it is the better it will be to grind. Don’t microwave your marijuana! It will burn up and destroy the good stuff...

The whole grinding process really is the basis of your joint as you can see, if you mess that up, chances are big that you will also mess up your joint .

Weed Grinders

A weed grinder is an amazing investment in any stoner’s arsenal of smoking tools. Marijuana grinders are perfect for grinding up bud, cause well.. that’s what they do. It will speed up your blunt rolling and joint rolling speed by over 200%. All it takes is just a few seconds to grind up as much weed as you want to the perfect consistency. The consistency is always perfect and it’s a lot less messy and time consuming than breaking up your bud by hand or using scissors.

Some marijuana grinders come with a keif catcher. In fact any marijuana grinder worth it’s name will come with a kief catcher. For those of you not in the know, kief is the shake and tiny (almost microscopic) marijuana particles that come off the marijuana as you grind it. That includes the trichomes, crystals, dust, and all the extra amazingly potent THC-containing stuff that you’re missing out on when you chop up your weed by hand. Kief is basically the stuff that hashish is made out of, except it is shaken on a bigger screen and the marijuana used is pretty much trashed after it is used to make hashish, and then the ‘kief’ or hash is compressed into balls or squares.

After your first couple of grinds with your grinder you won’t have very much keif, but just forget about it, and open it up in a couple of weeks and you’ll have plenty of keif to sprinkle on a bowl or to smoke by itself. It gets you super blazed.

Weed grinders also have several different sizes and designs so that way you can get your own personal grinder that no one else has every seen before. Weed grinder varieties include: metal grinders, acrylic grinders, wooden grinders, and electric grinders. Some of these grinders are magnetic to ensure that they stay closed wherever you put them.

Recommended Marijuana Grinders:

Space Case Titanium Herb Grinder – An amazing grinder that is high quality that sets it apart from every body else. Has the kief catcher/sifter that I was talking about earlier in the post. It’s made out of extremely strong titanium alloy and looks cool. This thing can grind up anything you put inside, and I wouldn’t dare get a grinder without a keif catcher. It is well worth it’s weight in gold.


Space Case Metal Herb Grinder – If you’re looking for a more cheaper alternative for the Space Case grinder, here it is. Some people prefer to go without a kief catcher and here’s your best grinder without a sifter.


Hand Grenade Grinder/Sifter With Pin
– This is a cool looking grinder that inconspicuously looks like a hand grenade (as inconspicuous as you can get I guess). It also has a kief catcher, just make sure you don’t take it with you on a plane.


Electric Marijuana Grinder
– The ultimate tool for lazy rolling. Just put your marijuana in the electric grinder, push a button and let it do the work for you.


Micro Grinder/Sifter – A good weed grinder for people on the move. It’s tiny, compact and is about the size of a lighter.


Magnetic Spherical Herb Grinders – These just look cool and are very inconspicuous. No one who hasn’t seen one before wouldn’t know what it is. There are Yin Yang, Smiley, Whacky Smiley, 8 Ball, Golden Dragon, and clear designs that allow you to decide exactly how you want it to look.



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