Choosing The Right Rolling Paper

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Choosing The Right Rolling Paper

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Choosing The Right Rolling Paper
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The Importance of Rolling Papers

Before you can learn how to roll a joint you must first get yourself the right tools of the trade to produce the best smoking and most enjoyable joints with the smoking product of your choice. The rolling papers are extremely important, and your choice here will greatly affect the end result of your joint rolling endeavor. The average smoke shop provides a plethora of options and you might be tempted just to pick the cheapest ones or the first ones you see. This could potentially be a mistake that affects the quality of your joint, though.

Since there are several types of rolling paper, all made from different material and each having its own advantages and disadvantages we must know what you as a beginner can use, so you won’t make it extra hard on yourself when rolling your joint.

Lucky for you there are only 2 major types of material to choose from, which are Hemp and Rice.

There are also flax and bamboo papers but I won’t be discussing those. Check out the next section to see the advantages and disadvantages of each material and what is best suited for you!

What Type of Rolling Paper Rolls The Best

Image Image

I can be very straight forward in answering that question, which are Hemp papers. But since we want to be good in what we do, I will tell you why.

Hemp papers are thicker then rice papers, this thickness gives you more grip, thus making it easier to roll a joint. So far so good, but here’s the catch.

This thickness also has an influence on your joint when it comes to taste. I can really taste the difference between a joint that is rolled with hemp and a joint that is rolled with rice paper.

I personally prefer rice papers, since you will taste less of your rolling paper and more of your weed.

So rice papers may be harder to roll with, because its thinner then hemp papers and give you less grip, but you will notice a big change in taste.

For beginners this isn’t really an issue, but as your rolling skills advance, I really recommend you to try and roll with rice papers, they taste and look better since they are see-thru and isn’t that where this is all about, rolling the perfect joint!

Don’t panic, I won’t leave you guessing where and which rolling papers you should buy. I know there are lots of brands and sizes.

In general you could use any kind of rolling paper you want as long as it is made out of Rice or Hemp (depends on your rolling skill) and it is king size

Rolling Paper Sizes

Image Image

Rolling Paper Width

Rolling Paper Width: The width of a rolling paper is based on the distance from the bottom of the paper to the top (where the glue line is at the top, as it is when being rolled).

The most common size widths are:

Single wide, 1 1/4 wide, 1 1/2 wide and double wide
Single width papers are the most common size
They are referred to as singles, regular size, 1.0 size, etc

There is no standard for width, so a double wide rolling paper produced by one company might be a different width than a double wide paper made by another company. However, rolling paper widths produced by most manufacturers usually fall somewhere in these ranges:

Single wide: between 1 1/2 inches - 1 3/4 inches wide
1 1/4 wide: between 1 3/4 inches - 2 1/2 inches wide
1 1/2 wide: between 2 inches - 3 inches wide
Double wide: between 2 1/2 inches - 3 1/2 inches wide

A wider paper will allow the user to roll thicker joints than a single width paper. You can roll joints the thickness of a cigarette with single wide rolling paper, if you want a thicker joint you will need a wider paper.

Only use paper wider than a single when smoking big joints that require it. In general, single width papers are effective when rolling joints of marijuana smaller than a half gram. Larger smokes will warrant a wider or longer rolling paper.

Rolling Paper Length

Rolling Paper Length: The length of the most single wide rolling paper is between 2 3/4 inches to 3 inches long. A joint rolled with a paper this length will be a little shorter than a king size cigarette.

Some manufacturers make longer papers usually designated as king size or extra long. There is no standard, so a king size rolling paper produced by one company will probably be a different length than a king size paper made by another company.

Rolling Paper Thickness


Rolling Paper Thickness: Usually referred to in such terms as free burning (thick), mediumweight, lightweight (fine), extra thin (extra fine). Thinner paper allows more air to pass through the paper when you inhale. This helps the joint burn slower than a thick paper would.

Thick rolling papers are the easier to learn to roll with. Thick papers are usually referred to as free burning rather than quick burning, unless extinguished they will keep burning.

A thin rolling paper will usually go out within a few seconds of not being toked and placed in an ashtray.
A thin paper (fine or extra fine) is usually recommended when rolling marijuana or hashish but a quick burning paper comes in handy when smoking marijuana that is damp.

Rolling Paper Gum

Rolling Paper Gum: The gum on rolling paper can be all natural gum or some kind of cheaper imitation. Always use the natural gum or ungummed type.

Tips :


If you are an occasional smoker this might not be an important issue. If you are a daily smoker or have concerns about your health, you might want to give some thought to the information presented here.

An expensive rolling paper may not be an indication of quality. When choosing a rolling paper for smoking marijuana always find and use rolling paper that is:

All natural paper or 100% hemp
Ungummed or all natural gum
Lightweight or extra fine
Naturally slow burning

This is very important, only use thin, all natural or 100% hemp papers that are ungummed or all natural gum and naturally slow burning. Some types of paper contain nasty chemicals. If you aren't sure the rolling paper you are using is safe, find a brand that is.

As with most things, you pay for quality. Rolling paper is no exception. A good premium will cost more than the rolling paper available at most stores. Considering the cost of the marijuana needed to roll a joint, paying 5-10 cents for a safe rolling paper seems like a good investment.

For more information on popular rolling paper brands Click Here

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