Making a Homemade Pipe

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Making a Homemade Pipe

Post by Weedguru Higher » Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:49 pm

Making a Homemade Pipe
Unknown Author

Ever wanted to smoke and had everything but the pipe or bong? Or maybe you just don't have the time to go out and buy a pipe? If it happens again, you're in luck! Now, here, you can learn how to make a pipe and bong from your typical everyday soda can or bottle!

How to Make a Soda Can Pipe

Step 1

Get a Soda Can or any other can, really. You just need one that is at least similar to a typical soda can.


Step 2

Get a Pin or any other sharp, pointy object that can make small holes. (You can also break off the tab on top, snap it in half, and use it as a poking device.)

Step 3

Make an Indent on the opposite side of the mouth part that you drink out of. indent that whole side of the can. This is where the holes will be poked and whatever you are smoking will be placed, so make sure it's flat.


Step 4

Poke Small Holes, this is obviously what you will place that which you smoke on, and where the lighter will light it. This is done with the pin or other sharp, pointy, object spoke of earlier.


Step 5

Poke a Large Hole on the side. Preferably, the side to the left of you when you hold the can to your mouth as you would any other pipe. The picture shows the finished can with the large hole on the side circled in red, the smaller holes where the stuff is placed in green, and the original drinking hole that you smoke through in blue.

Image Image


* For the large hole, try using something larger than a pin, like a pen, to use to stab a small you can make with a pin to make it pen-sized. This hole needs to be large but still coverable with at least your pinky finger. This hole is covered up by your finger and then released before you are done inhaling to get the rest in the pipe.


* It is said that the aluminum from the can can cause health problems when used to smoke.
* Smoking with aluminum is believed to cause Alzheimer's Disease.
* Use this design as little as possible, we are not joking about the health problems this causes.


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