Hip-hop, house, happy hardcore - what do you listen to?

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Post by weedguru_animal » Fri Sep 27, 2013 10:43 am

This is a mix made by the loveliest brother I hold dear to my heart, the only man I know who has pretty eyes, loyal heart and a sensitive soul, all of which, I believe, flows through his mixes...He has been piecing tracks togethers for many moons, mainly DnB, but he has hippetyhop ears, and clearly, as anyone will agree if they listen to the above mix, a wicked sense of beats.

Artists like Steve need more exposure, they need their efforts to be listened to, shared, enjoyed by the Many, not just the few. The transitions are quality, its an obviously well thought out piece of music art. Moving from yankee to english to yankee hiphop classics, its truly something fucking special, which I hope you will join me in promoting and appreciating.

In a world which pays homage to brain dead morons like 50 cents, lyrically mong pigfuckers like Kendrick Lamar, the decent amongst us, the human creatures who persist within my own tribe, need to not only stick with our own, but offer our shoulders for them to climb upon, and when enough of us offer this patronage, the real artists strike clear of the slaughterline...and their message can be heard.

Do me a yourselves a favour...give it a listen, loud and clear, spliff in hand, drinks flowing.

I know a few artists, as we all other I know has what I would call real talent, yet focuses it on battle raps, and how far can you go with insulting your mate's girlfriend and mother??? Steve isn't so confined, his art is more expansive, and in my opinion, deserves a much wider audience than it presently receives.

You know a colleague in the struggle has produced something amazing when you listen and feel ever more proud of your kinship with him...

Passing Me By (instrumental) -The Pharcyde
Kick In The Door - Notorious B.I.G.
Still Dre (instrumental) - Dr. Dre featuring Snoop
Cheka - Method Man & Redman
The Agitated (instrumental) - Dirty Dike ft. SkuffT
Banana Shaped Armour Plates - Jam Baxter
Ug - Mr. Scruff
Shook Ones Pt. II - Mobb Deep
Pump Pump - Snoop Dogg
BarrelEyeSpookFish - Jam Baxter

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