The best offer

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The best offer

Post by weedguru_animal » Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:48 am

I have long been a fan of Geoffrey Rush. One of the few actors whom I have seen many times, yet cannot recall a bad outing on the cinematic stage. Prolific and high quality...

The Best Offer moves rather slowly, with a twist and turn here and there which works well enough, and a brief flurry of moments which make the more sensitive hearts sad or even weep. The acting is of a decent level throughout the cast, and the storyline meanders more than rages without complaint. However, it is only until after leaving the story, giving it a chance to soak and settle, that its grief takes hold and the all too easily believable common nastiness of humanity emerges from the shadows, proudly, unabashed. And it lingers a while.

Hardly a good choice for a pleasant/romantic/fun evening, but nevertheless poignant and moving. In sad ways.
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