Light Show

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Light Show

Post by Paperclip420 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:16 pm

Crack my neck, clear my throat
Gotta hurry and find my lighter, can't wait to float
Pop my knuckles, I'm ready to go
Get ready, you're about to see a light show

Three L's and a bowl being passed around
Pulled some fire from the south side of town
That good bud, smelling mighty profound
Happier than a mom who just saw the first ultrasound
Sitting with good people, puffing good bud
Damn near my family, my fucking blood
All of us with one thing in mind
Blazing up this weed and leaving this world behind
This is how we kick back, how we unwind
Breaking the law just to feel unconfined
To relax our thoughts, ease our stress
Forget every one of our transgressions
And only focus on our blessings
Even though our habit might be oppressed
By the mainstream and morally elite
But I turn a deaf ear, their arguments unjust and obsolete

This loud drowning out all their bullshit
Moved the blunt back to my lips for another hit
Hold it in till I just can't anymore, gotta exhale
Batten down the hatches, I'm ready to sail
Cloud bound, then headed to the sea of stars
Drift off course and end up floating by Mars

Fuck the sober idiots, I'll smoke regardless
Our movement is always gaining progress
Looking ahead to nationwide legalization
One day I swear we'll bring this country to the realization
Potheads are just gonna smoke, that won't change
But this country is walking on some strange ground
It's seeing things for the first time with low eyes
I applaud, while some call for our country's demise
They say "Pot will be the death of America
I'll destroy our moral fiber, cause mass hysteria.
We'll end up a nation of addicts and thugs."
All this shit over a little flower that isn't even a drug
I don't give a fuck what they say
I'm still gonna burn down every fucking day
Sticking with this green, don't need that ice or yayo
I'll chill here and enjoy the light show

You a newbie? The light might be too much to bare
I'd advise eye protection while the smoke is in the air
Have a steady hand when you pass
Be careful not to hit too hard, it's that good gas
Always be aware of the location of the flame
Might even play some baseball, get ready for the game
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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