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This feeling, this high, spreads through my body
Blazing up, way more than just a hobby
Every day man, stay burning down
Gonna roll some and go a few rounds
This mean green kicking my ass, got me in a choke hold
Trying to knock me out cold
But I won't give in, won't tap out
I can teach y'all what the Stoner life's about
Find you a pen and a notebook full of paper
Rolled a white sheet, feeling like a Taylor
Take down these notes while we enjoy these vapors
Puffing this fruity kush, can't remember the flavor
Too high to fucking care
Stuck to this fucking chair
Barely feeling aware
My body might be here
But my mind is nowhere near
Lungs on fire, but I'll persevere
Ready to watch the whole bag disappear
Me and my people, in for the long haul
Not one of these J's small
Gonna play a little game, we call it baseball
Hold a hit till you get passed another
Winner is the last one still smoking
Love this game, but my lungs always suffer
But what can I say?, I love toking
Love puffing this good shit, yeah that mean green
Loud pack saying plenty, every word obscene
Stay talking shit, cuz my shit's worth talking about
Promise one hit will leave no doubt
This fire, it's what you want to be on
Better hit me up before it's all gone

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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