High As Hell

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Casual toker
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High As Hell

Post by Paperclip420 »

Woke up in the morning high as hell
Still faded, my *censor* can't you tell?
Open my eyes, I smell the reefer
All I blow is loud baby
This shit will make you a believer
That green lady, I fucking love Mary Jane
THC constantly flowing through my brain
Through every vein and capillary
This shit's taking me to heights that are pretty scary
To the average stoner, the common this is all a lie
Promise you though, nothing about me is mediocre
Nothing about me is ordinary
Grab the L, it's completely voluntary
Stumbling through my words, I need a dictionary
Mush mouth bastard, too high to care
Took a few hits and got the thousand-yard stare
That stupid fucker lost the L, don't worry I got a spare
Keep a couple rolled just in case
Light it up and take it to the face
The blunt's running in a circle, better keep pace
My brain's so far from this place
But my body had to be left behind
A true pothead, that's how I'm defined
I am who I am
Rolling these L's gram by gram
Mary asked me "I'm your favorite, right?"
Told her "Yes ma'am, you are correct."
I grab the light and set fire to all my regrets
She takes care of me, she's my bitch
You don't smoke?, yeah I could give you the sales pitch
As to why you should
If you don't want to hear it, Fine
I'll just get back to puffing on this good

Wrote this to B.o.B's new song "High As Hell"

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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