To The Stars

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To The Stars

Post by Paperclip420 »

Holy shit, I'm fucking high
I'm staring into space and my mouth's pretty dry
2 L's took me to the fucking stars
I'm one of those who stays clear of the bars
That my idiot friends just love to attend
They're taking shots, I'm prepping for ascension
Had to roll, sneaked off to the side
In a stupor, sitting there drunk with their mouths wide
Open, stumbling over their feet and groping
Every ugly bitch they see
While I'm laughing, enjoying Ms. Mary's company
This good green taking me to another dimension
Likely to be beyond the common man's comprehension
Too high to possibly mention
My where-abouts
This loud screams and shouts
And announces its presence
Weed, the ultimate antidepressant
Unlike that fire water those people drink
I smoke and float, while they tip it back and sink
Lower and lower, while I just fly
Through the clouds and out of the atmosphere
To the stars, I'll be back in a few light-years

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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