Untitled 4-23-14

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Untitled 4-23-14

Post by Paperclip420 »

So high, unsure of where I've been
Burned through one L, bout to spark up its twin
To the stars, grab this blunt if you want to come
Focusing on the future, not worried about where I'm from
All the crimes I've commited, or all the craziness I've seen
It's all forgotten once I see the green
Once I roll up, once I grab the flame
When I fire up I forget all their names
All the crazy bitches and the posers
When I'm sober I got the weight of the world on my shoulders
But when I'm high it's a different story
I always keep it in my inventory
I burn when I'm feeling pain or I'm stressed
By now I'm used to my habit being oppressed
Unaccepted by the majority
They claim superiority
Over my own mind, and preach to the masses
They claim marijuana is evil,
Sending stoners to rehab and drug classes
But three-quarters of the nay-sayers have never even tried it
How can they judge without even taking one hit
No actual foundation for their judgement
They invent their arguements from someone else's false logic
Their words are caustic, their mentality is demonic
Claiming to be patrioic, distorting the truth about this chronic
I sit back with this blunt and shake my head
I know I'll be burning till I'm dead
So their bullshit and lies will never change that
Speaking to deaf ears, their words fall flat
They beg for someone to hear their ideology,
but they just get stepped over
Screaming "Fuck the bullshit", I'll never go sober

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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