French Inhale

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French Inhale

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French Inhale, I like the way you French Inhale
Do it Again
French Inhale, I like the way you French Inhale
Do it Again

Puffing this good good,
Inhaling it through my nose
I'll be burning till I decompose
That's just how it goes
As our minds expand, our movement slows
Knowing you won't oppose
If I try a few tricks
Unlike these other stoner chicks
Stuck in their ignorance
Unable to smoke without assistance
But I can tell there's a difference
Between them and you
Puffing your own shit,
Don't need anyone to come through
Keeping that fire lit,
Who knows what we'll get into
But first just let me see you inhale like the french
Smoking this loud with a wonderful stench
Come on, let's get high
I want to see those beautiful red eyes
I want to know you're in another dimension
Mary Mary easing the nervous tension
Smiling wide, we've achieved ascension

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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