Ridin' High

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Casual toker
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Ridin' High

Post by Paperclip420 » Wed May 07, 2014 5:27 pm

Roll the swishers up
Put the windows up,
I'm in the whip
I'm Ridin' High

Roll the owls up
Put the windows up,
Chillin' with your bitch
I'm ridin' high

Roll the zags up
Put the windows up
Go on hit that spliff
I'm ridin' high

Hotboxing this ganja goodness
Fucking with me I'll put your lungs to the test
Blunt after blunt, till we can only see smoke
I'm not kidding, that's no joke
I'm not somewhere on a stage
Talking shit about how much I rage
I speak truth and facts
Puffing this illegal shit, didn't pay tax
This loud pack will stop a stoner dead in their tracks
Grandaddy Purp, want a whiff
A little sniff of the spliff
Sky-diver, head first off a cliff
High Flyer, floating off this Piff
Sober motherfuckers call it magic
Smile everytime I flick my bic
Only this good shit, my lungs won't be degraded
High as fuck, damn near faded
The stoners have invaded
Taking over what we've been denied
Side by side with my brothers, won't give in or divide
Ridin' high, smiling wide
In the fucking clouds, that's where I reside

Wrote to Mac Miller's "Ridin' High"
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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