High Flyer

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High Flyer

Post by Paperclip420 »

Smoke in the lungs,
fire in my eyes
Rise to my level,
that's I advise
Not afraid to improvise
If there's no blunts, no glass
I'll throw something together pretty fast
Homemade piece gonna burn this gas
Smartest one in the class,
feeling like Mr. Macgyver
Not on the silver screen,
I'm just a High Flyer
Smiling as the green catches fire
In utter delight
Laughing as the piece fills full of that white
smoke, hoping I don't choke
Good shot if i don't,
Oh well if I do
Knowing I won't ever forget this view
In the clouds with a smile
a fucking mile wide
Feeling that Stoner Pride
Screaming "Burn One" till my vocal chords bleed
28 grams of this good weed
We'll burn it all,
unable to concede
Headed to the stars at breakneck speed
Want a hit? well please proceed
Fill your lungs and put it back in rotation
No time for conservation
It's a celebration
Marijuana is taking over this nation
One day the entire population
Will be smoking for recreation
It will no longer be a violation
Of the laws we're forced to obey
Can't wait for the day I get to say
I'm smoking legally
Till then I'll just chill under these shade trees
Continuing to smoke until I develop a wheeze
Already been foretold,
I'll die of some lung disease
In the mean time I just want to pass along my expertise
To every willing ear
First lesson: Don't put down the bowl
unless you know it's clear
Lesson number two
Don't say you can out smoke me
and never come through
Lesson number three
Smoking is a social activity,
never charge a session fee
Lesson number four
Watch the rotation like you're keeping score
And lesson number five
Always strive to be the baddest motherfucker alive

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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