Goodbye, My Queen

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Goodbye, My Queen

Post by Paperclip420 » Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:37 pm

Sitting in this cold darkness
Knowing what's at stake
For the sake of progress
Unsure of what now will take away
The everyday stress
But knowing I'll be fine, regardless
Just need a little time to harness
The strength and determination
I have deep down inside
Had fun, but it's time to get off the ride
And find my stride
Reach for what I've been denied
Say a silent prayer for the brain cells that have died
My celebellum has been utterly fried
Body's been through hell and back
So much abuse from the loud pack
Shaking my head
Sick of the life I have lead
Yeah, I'm ready
Hands are steady, eyes on the target
They will remain white, no longer scarlet
I will no longer swim through the stars
Sitting with my jaw hanging and my throat dry
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm saying I will no longer get high
It's finally time,
Goodbye my queen
The lovely lady in green
The guilty pleasure I satisfied every night
Knew it was love at first sight
I enjoyed her love under the orange light
Thank her so much for what she has provided
All the places I have been guided
Every sad thought she has destroyed
She knew exactly how to fill the void
In my dark, weary heart
Seen otherworldly heights
Taken many-a red eye flights
Across the beautiful sky with her in arm
She taught me so many lessons
And left me with that pothead charm
Used to bring a pen and paper to every session
She was my everyday inspiration
Never any writer's block or frustration
I'd blaze up and write these vivid visualizations
Of the world around me and what I was doing
But she kept a veil over my eyes to keep me from pursuing
Bigger and better things, from using my potential
I hope my decisions so far haven't been detrimental
To the life I want
She will always linger and haunt
The back of my thoughts
Divide my stoner belongings, go ahead cast lots
I don't need that shit anymore
Won't need Mary's help to soar
I'll find my success and happiness without her
Time is addiction's only cure
And I will wake up everyday knowing
I'm better than that, and focus then on growing
And strengthening my body and soul
I know I can live without a blunt or bowl
It's time to pull myself out of the muck
So here we go ladies and gentlemen,
Wish me good luck
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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