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Wrote this for a friend who just went off to college.

Daisy, Daisy
Loud pack's got my mind feeling crazy
Puffed three spliffs, now the air's pretty hazy
Laid up stiff, body's feeling lazy
High as fuck, extremely lifted
A million miles my mind has drifted
Away, away, away from here
The sky, the sky above is absolutely clear
No clouds overhead, no storms in sight
Dancing in the stars under the beautiful moonlight
Its majesty shines so bright
We always use the night to drift to unfamiliar heights
Immersed in the high that we invite once we ignite
Experiencing the bliss that comes from the gift of flight
Floating away from the stress, normal life is out of sight
Mary is our medication, so simple it's black and white
There when you need her, she's just a phone call away
Ready to listen to whatever you have to say
As you let the trash crash into the ashtray
In her company it's always a good day
She'll keep you solidly supplied with a smile
She's never hostile, always in style
Her seeds are extremely fertile
A gift of the heavens, endlessly versatile
A healer, teacher
She's a peaceful preacher
To the discouraged and malcontent masses
A savior to anyone that passes
The glass or the dutchie to the next person in rotation
She provides comfort and insight on any situation
A mini mind vacation for an undetermined duration
Using the smoke clouds as our transportation
No particular destination
Just light up and let yourself drift to the stars
Dancing on the moon, strolling on Mars
Floating though this immense world of ours
With a smile on your face thanks to the Wonderful Woman in Green
Enjoy the world Miss Daisy, another chapter is being written now at 18
I pray you only enjoy skies described as serene
Stay safe, calm, encouraged, and concentrated
Always remember happiness and hard work are completely related
Never forget we love you, enjoy these next few years
Have fun among your new peers
Treasure the smiles and all the tears
Enjoy every experience and destroy a few of your fears
I raise my joint to you Daisy,
Here's to new beginnings, Cheers

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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