The Gift of Flight

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The Gift of Flight

Post by Paperclip420 »

Not exactly about weed but I wrote this while I was high so I had to put it up anyway.

The sparrow sits on his lonely limb
He shakes his feathers and gets ready for a swim
Through the deep blue sky
He thanks the heavens above that he is able to fly
All without a sound
He jumps and falls head first aimed the ground
He catches himself before impact and turns his beak
Upward towards the clouds with such graceful technique
The beautiful blue sky above bathed in wonderful mystique
He soars as a brown streak
Climbing high, adding to his ascent
Swimming in the wind, dancing in it's current
He eyes the humans below with their feet glued to the cement
Again he thanks the heavens for the gift of flight
For nothing else could excite and ignite
The mind as much as being weightless
For this fact he is so gracious
He is so happy to be able to explore the spacious
And never ending expanse of atmosphere
He has no concept of time, neither the date nor year
Only understanding he must enjoy it while he can
He knows that this world has a greater plan
And he must savor every experience in his allowed life span
He continues to swim, drifting higher with every gust
In due time his descent will be a must
But he loves going higher than normally allowed
He loves the thinning air, and dancing in the clouds
A calm serenity fills his hollow bones and his soul
He releases control
And lets the gentle wind guide him
Where it wants his path to go
Unable to see the dreaded ground below
He is free, once again he is free
Filled with utter delight and absolute glee
He prefers the clouds over any lonely old tree
At peace swimming through his own deep blue sea

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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