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Fire Starter

Post by Paperclip420 »

Got a blunt rolled and a bowl packed
Shaking my head cause I've lost track
Of the Bic just like always
Turned over my whole house cause I'm ready to blaze
Can't find that fuego anywhere, looks like I'm screwed
The heavens above are waiting to be viewed
And I'm sitting here sober with no fire
Need to be in the stars cause I'm a High Flyer
Praying the Ganja Gods above grant me what I require
Just a little bit of that fire is all I desire
House is destroyed but I keep searching around
Getting a little worried that I might not be space bound
After an hour of looking inside and out
I take a seat on the couch and review my fire drought
Every pothead's worst nightmare
Having no way of sparking up to float through the air
No other horrors can possibly compare
It's then that I caught a great feeling of despair
But suddenly I get a knock at the door
It brought me back to reality and nearly knocked me to the floor
I pull myself together and reach for the knob
Turned it slowly and it opened to her smiling, lighting a corncob
I looked at her in awe
Couldn't believe what I saw
An elegant angel holding the gift of fire
I started singing hallelujah in my mind like a church choir
She said "Hey buddy boy, something told me you had a little problem"
I smiled and asked "Are you ready for a swim?"
She looked at me curiously "Where are we gonna go?"
"To the sea of stars beautiful, you should already know"
She handed me the lighter with a laugh "Well I guess you need this"
I thanked her with a bear hug and prepared to enter the celestial abyss
Sparked the L and inhaled a deep toke
My body rejoices and invites the smoke
I pass it to her and she puffs a deep hit
We'll burn it all together, neither of us will submit
About halfway through it I look up and catch her gaze
Lost myself for a moment in her endless blue eyes like a maze
Shook my head a few times to break free
The sights you see are amazing when you're messing with Ms. Mary
I said "Thank you for being my fire starter. I am forever in your debt"
She whispered "Yeah until you return the favor I'll never forget"
She leaned over and planted a little kiss on my cheek
I put out the roach settled in to enjoying our peak

For K.

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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