Brooklyn Baby

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Brooklyn Baby

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Wrote this to Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey. Not really sure what it is exactly but there's something about this song that hits me so I had to do a verse for it. In the song she references her boyfriend so I thought it would be cool to write from his perspective and make it about weed.

They say she's too young to love me,
She don't know what she needs,
They think she doesn't understand
The freedom land of the 70's
She thinks she's too cool to know me,
I say she's like the ice I freeze
She's churning out novels like Beat poetry
On amphetamines

Well I'm in the band,
I play guitar while she sings Lou Reed,
With feathers in her hair,
We get down to beat poetry,
Her jazz collection's rare,
She can play almost anything,
She's a Brooklyn baby,
She's a Brooklyn baby

Floating with my Brooklyn Baby
She's swaying back and forth like a daisy
Frolicking in the gentle breeze
I smile as she gives me a little squeeze
She knows exactly how to raise my temperature a few degrees
Our ascent was achieved with absolute ease
Dancing in the air as she sings her poetry
Unchained by this corrupted world, we are absolutely free
Free to wander where we please
Every day is ours to seize
There's no mortal we're forced to appease
Absolutely free, swimming in our own dry sea
She's a Brooklyn baby
Who prefers her air a little hazy
Blazing only on the that strong daily
Slowly descending, we touch down safely
Gorgeous with those low eyes and those feathers in her hair
From her hips to her lips, and that striking stare
She's one of kind, allowing her beautiful mind
To expand and consume as much knowledge as it can
A spiritual individual, unlike these other ladies
She's a Brooklyn Baby

And I'm in the band,
I play guitar while she sings Lou Reed,
With feathers in her hair,
We get high on hydroponic weed,
Her jazz collection's rare,
And she gets down to Beat poetry,
She's a Brooklyn baby,
She's a Brooklyn baby

Yeah, I'm pretty cool,
But she's so much cooler than me,
Cause she's a Brooklyn baby,
A Brooklyn baby

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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