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Casual toker
Casual toker
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Post by Paperclip420 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 5:45 am

Smoking, floating, hoping
That I never fucking come down
Three blunt's to the head, that's a triple crown
She's chilling with me while we're burning the best around
Dropping ashes all over her gown
Blazing only that grass of a higher class
This good gas is the only thing I'll pass
High Flyer, puffing in my tux
So sorry, but I refuse to give any fucks
Starting more fires than those assholes claiming Klu Klux
Not afraid to spend the big bucks
On the loud pack, the deluxe green
Never lacking something to say that's obscene
Potty mouth, it's so damn hard to fucking speak clean
But I guess I'll have to straighten up for my queen
Until they hammer in the last coffin nail
Every day I will inhale
The shit that sits on the upper scale
Searching high and low for my own holy grail
Covered head to toe in chain mail
Ready to wage war with the nonbelievers, my fellow potheads by my side
Knowing one day we will prevail
So let me hear you if you feel that Stoner Pride
Think of all the times you've lied, had to hide
Your habit from those who frowned upon it
Well one day my brothers we'll no longer have to give a shit
About someone whispering "Is he lit?
Motherfucker better get it together."
Cruising around the cosmos, Interstellar
Neither a plane, train, nor a car
Took me this far into the stars
Seeing strange sights but it's not at all bizarre
Roach just went out so I'm bout to bust open another cigar
Until I see you again, take care my friend, Au Revoir

Wrote to Lil Dicky's "Too High" and "Russell Westbrook On a Farm." Seriously, check this guy out.
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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