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Not about weed but I'm high af so enjoy it anyway

Here we go my friends
Winter is once again on it's way
I can feel it in the cold wind
I can see it in how the trees sway
Shedding their leaves and preparing for the cold
They determine what is no longer necessary
And shake themselves free to break hold
Perfectly executed and controlled
Watching it all seems to bring a calm serenity to the soul
The rodents gather their stores
And tend to their last minute chores
Some birds fly away and others flock hither
Those who slither find their holes
And the once beautiful flowers wither
It is a time of peace but also destruction
Everything around us goes through a process of reduction
Giving in to the Winter's sweet seduction
They allow her to disperse her corruption
She takes hold over the land
And keeps it firm in her clutches
Under the command of no mortal man
Her wrath touches everything, nothing is spared
She is a mighty enemy that few have dared
To oppose, although most of us would claim to be her foes
Sharing heated words as soon as her first few traces begin to show
Angry that the world has to grow cold and slow
Thriving valleys and fertile forests will soon be covered with snow
Devoid of life besides the Winter's ravenous spirit
I hoped you've prepared justly and keep a sense of good wit
To get through this dire season you'll definitely need it

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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