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Wrote this back in the summer. Kinda about weed but I remember I was actually sober for this one

In a small clearing sits a beautiful wildflower
From the sun she draws her power
Her elegant leaves being caressed by the breeze
Dancing gracefully under the towering trees
The wind creating the moves to her routine
Every motion sincere and pristine
The animals nearby stop to witness her dance
Captivated, they fall into her trance
Their eyes follow her every move
Her grace seems to captivate, comfort, and soothe
The aggressive spirits inside of them
From her precious petals to her swaying stem
They are mesmerized, experiencing utter bliss
Wrapped in Mother Nature's embrace, enjoying her kiss
Their minds enveloped in euphoria, in perfect harmony
All have gathered around, no sense of urgency
Unaware of the present world as they stare at her beauty
Watching one of God's creations manifest it's majesty
They stare as she frolics
Her motions fascinate and transfix
Beauty in it's purest form
But dark clouds unite above, those of a storm
Her movements grow stronger in sync with the rising wind
And she wonders if she'll ever dance so beautifully again
The animals break their trance to flee the storm's wrath
They all scatter down a different path
Leaving the flower all alone in the open
She realizes the storm will leave her broken
So she continues to dance until she can no longer
The storm destroys her beauty, but she will come back stronger
Her spirit remains wild, and she will grow anew
She bides her time until she can make her next debut
Waiting until she is again allowed to dance
When the wildflower and the wind renew their romance

To L.

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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