Green Coal

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Green Coal

Post by Paperclip420 »

Know it's that loud pack every time I inhale
Just pulled this shit off the scale
Tossing around 28 straight,
Can't wait to change my mind's current state
Clock read 29 with the bag
250 was the price tag
Tired of talking, bout to take off with no more lag
Swear my lungs will never wave that white flag
Closed the grinder over a gram
It's that knockout, buzzer beater, grand slam
Gave it a couple twists and turned it over a piece of paper
Mary stole my soul so long ago, an amazing caper
Now I'm almost ready to float under the influence of her vapors
Just gotta bust the blunt, and tuck her in tight
Chivalry isn't lost on me, they call me the green knight
I might stay polite but Mary is sure to yell and fight
I can't calm her voice, she loves to make some noise
Unable to understand how a quarter of the world enjoys
The relief she provides on a regular basis,
And yet she sits on a forced hiatus
But her warriors are fighting for a winning cause
Changing not only many minds, but also the laws
Working to release Mary from her cage
Pushing for freedom in the New Age
As I roast this L I toast it to them,
I spark it in direct disobedience of those who condemn
The act of simply medicating one's mind, body, and soul
Waiting on that Fat Bastard to come down from the North Pole
Already know all I'm gonna get is some of that green coal
Wonder if I could light one off Rudolph's nose
I'm sure Santa wouldn't oppose
His suit isn't the only thing that stays red, if you know what I mean
Of course jolly Ol' St. Nick blazes the green
Flying high in his reindeer guided sleigh
Not a novice toying with the green, never any child's play
I'm headed out, gotta help the fat man as he crams more sugar in his blood
So tell those elves get back to work rolling that good bud
Go ahead light it up, it's guaranteed to not be a dud

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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