Flower Power

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Flower Power

Post by Paperclip420 »

I've got an idea, here take my hand
I know though at first you won't understand
But you're definitely gonna love this
It's not something you're gonna wanna miss
Just follow me to the car
We may have to drive a little far
But just have faith, I would never lead you astray
Let me take you on this journey if I may
So if your answer winds up not being nay
Just hit this L and drift away
Let your mind go, give in to Mary's power
Fall under the spell of this little flower
Once it passes through your lungs
It heads straight to your heart
Then it's transported by your veins
And is spread to every part
Of your body, its effect is felt like a trance
And causes your mind to do a devious dance
While there's smoke in the air
All without a care
You suddenly find yourself floating
Completely relaxed and unknowing
Exactly where we're going but ready for the journey
You're gonna love our destination, just wait and see
And it all starts with a little turn of this car key
So without farther ado, let's be off
I smile as the engine roars to life without a cough
I shift into drive and relax my foot against the gas
Concentrating on the street but
Still watching my peripheral for the pass
I realize I'm in the driver's seat but
It feels like we're flying first class
Like we're traveling at 30,000 feet
Going 500 miles an hour
This time Mary's being sweet
But she's been known to be a little sour
Finally we arrive, I know you've sat anxiously
And I thank you for waiting so patiently
Give me a second, let me open your door
I know you're ready for the sights we have in store
Suddenly your senses are invaded by a million new stimuli
It all seems so much more vivid because we're so high
Sweet subtle aromas, the bright sunlight, and some very energetic birds
I see a smile appear and hear you whisper three simple words
Beneath all the chirping drifts "Where are we?"
I laugh and take your hand saying "Come with me"
We walk to the edge of a giant beautiful garden
That stretches as far as the eye can see
Full of enormous, ancient trees
Also tulips, daffodils, hydrangeas, and daisies
And so many more that we can't identify
"From the wonderful flowers to the trees that seem to touch the sky
They call this place Eden, I'm sure you can see why"
You say "It's absolutely beautiful. That I will not deny"
I smile and reply "I hope you're ready, there's so much see"
And I'm answered "Without a doubt, absolutely"
At the car again we grab a bit of water, a blanket from the back
A little green, the keys, and a few snacks
And toss everything into a drawstring pack
We head back to the garden's edge and step over the threshold
As we do it's like the oxygen is increased ten-fold
Our lungs rejoice and graciously accept this gift
And each one of our steps seems to gain a little lift
We walk for a while, maybe a couple miles
Eyeing the wonderful sights, carrying broad smiles
"Can we find a nice place to sit?" You ask
"My legs are getting pretty tired
And it's about time to get a little higher"
"Oh of course sweetheart" I answer "How about that little hill?"
I point it out "The one over there covered in daffodils"
I'm answered with a smile "Oh that's perfect. Race you"
We joyfully take off and the hill rapidly enters our view
You beat me but only by a few paces
We pause for a few moments to let the heat drain from our faces
I slip the drawstring off my back and set it down
Reach in, find the blanket, and spread it across the ground
We both take a seat and a few sips of water
I look up at the sun and thank it for not being any hotter
Rummaging through the bag again I find my stoner supplies
Our eyes are about to get low, but our minds are are set to rise
I roll up, finishing it with one last twist
Unsuccessfully search for the lighter, so you come with the assist
I say "Thank you my firestarter" as you strike the Bic
And bring the flame close setting fire to Mary's wick
We smoke until it's a stinger then I toss it away with a flick
Both of us lay back once it's gone and I ask "Are you high?"
"Of course," You say "I might have to put my mind on stand by"
I laugh "Before we can't move there's something I want do first"
I force my legs to stand then I grab your hands
And pull you to your feet
"What is it?" You ask in a tone so sweet
"Something I've always wanted to do with you"
You analyse me with those eyes of the deepest blue,
Searching for some kind of clue
I laugh and say "Here, just take my hands and drift away"
You do and smile as we begin to sway
"In this life we might not get another chance,
So all I want right now is hold you and dance"
As we slowly gain speed I see your smile spread ear to ear
Suddenly a strange calming music begins to play and you pull me near
Asking "Aren't we all alone out here?"
I say "Oh please don't be afraid my dear"
"That is just the magic of this place"
Continuing to move we realize each flower is slowly turning its face
Towards us to witness the beauty of our embrace
Progressing with the music our movements steadily gain more grace
We feel the power from the flowers
They seem to want to influence us to dance for hours
So we do, swinging and swaying for them all to see
Dancing on our stage so passionately
We continue until our muscles go stiff then we decide to sit
As we do the flowers drop their heads, not wanting us to quit
"This place is amazing" I hear you say
"Do we have to leave or can we just stay?"
I laugh and reply "We'll be here as long as you like"
"We can take some time before we resume our little hike"
You lean in close, kiss my cheek, and whisper "That's not what I mean"
I give you a look that's kind and serene
And utter "Oh you mean must forever"
You flash me a goofy grin and respond "Now you're being clever"
I wrap my arms around you and you rest your head on my sleeve
"So gorgeous, you're saying you don't want to leave?
You bring your lips close to my ear and whisper "Never"
"Well I believe we can partake in that endeavor"
Holding each other, we watch the world pass us by
And the blue slowly fade from the immeasurable sky
We remain in each others arms even as the darkness invades
Even as the clouds appear and the rain cascades
Across our faces, we stay still
On this little hill, surrounded by the beautiful daffodils
We sit like this for ages, never letting go
And as the world begins to crumble we prepare for the show
The planets erupt and all the stars descend
But we still sit together patiently as time finds its end

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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