Seven G's

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Seven G's

Post by Paperclip420 »

Puffing strong, some call it kong
Bout to send seven g's through the bong
I wonder why some can call it wrong
When it should be no business of yours
What I do with Ms. Mary Jane
Hell, she's on the shelves of all the stores
How the fuck do they think they can still contain
Her influence from NYC to Cali's golden shores
Sweating THC so heavily from every one of my pores
Just think of how many of their wars
We could have avoided if everyone lit up instead
Swimming through the stars with all these possibilities
Floating through my head
Screaming for PEACE as the world crumbles to pieces
Smiling wide as Mary's magic releases
The complex creativity we all have deep inside
In awe of the result when Mary and my mind collide
So easily off this greenery
Can I produce this scenery
Until my heart can't beat without machinery
I'll be puffing everyday of the week
Scanning the horizon, can't seem locate my peak
Soaring, touring, exploring the otherworldly side of civilization
Don't deny it, they must include Mary as one of God's great creations
A little plant, grown from the dirt
Can always seem to help when I'm hurt
Down and out, or absolutely tired
To help fix my soul Mary's always the one hired
Ready to do more than the minimum required
The world loves her, her work is always admired
So it's always sad to see when she has to be fired
She does such great work, I hate to see her go
But I never worry, she'll be back before we know

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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