The Artist

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The Artist

Post by Paperclip420 » Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:00 pm

Alone the girl sits in her otherwise empty home
Enjoying the subtle silence as she lets her mind freely roam
Motivation strikes and she feels that familiar itch overcome her hands
Those without that artistic touch couldn't possibly understand
Her eyes regain those blue flames and their motivated twinkle
A smile spreads across her lips and her brow accepts a determined wrinkle
The magical muses once again occupy her mind
And she drifts to her creative oasis leaving our boring world behind
Enjoying absolute serenity as her mind vacates the vicinity
Once there she falls gracefully into an ocean of possibility
Swimming in an endless sea of color
Experiencing a world unlike any other
The driving force of creation resting on her like a shroud
She loves this place and visits absolutely as often as allowed
A million miles away from all the mindless, self-righteous crowds
So commonly full of ignorance and meaninglessly loud
She is proud to have this other world and drifts to it with no complaint
Where she is free to wander, to think without restraint
Its many wonders she has witnessed and experienced are often re-imagined with paint
She does not hesitate once she returns to her original state
Imitating the images on canvas she wishes to translate
With the strokes of her own brush, the colors of her choice
These unspoken acts of expression speak just as loudly as her voice
Their many colors utter sentences,
The formed patterns and images tell extraordinary stories
Some are easy to understand and see,
Others are hidden allegories
Concealed for those possessing a more complex intellect
To be deciphered by proper eyes who wish to realize its intended effect
Beautiful lessons artistically depicted
The magical muses leave her mind unrestricted
Free to explore the boundaries of her imagination
And bring forward vivid illustrations with little complication
In her colorful oasis she finds herself,
Which is all she's ever been looking for
She can't help but love when motivation comes a-knocking,
So graciously the Artist can open her mind's door

For K.
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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