Cloud 9

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Casual toker
Casual toker
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Cloud 9

Post by Paperclip420 »

Just copped a bag, it's been away too long
Don't even have to ask, you already know it's that strong
Grabbed me a pack of them Owls, nice and fresh ready to split
Smoking's in my blood, when the bag's done that's when I'll quit
Until then I'll always be ready to roll
Headed to the stars, that's my end goal
I'll be there before you know it, would you care to partake?
Just them good buds, not none of that free shake
So let me find my grinder and fill it to capacity
You can outsmoke me? Shit, I've never heard such audacity
Sure, I'll let you hit but I promise I'll watch you pass out
Trust me, I'm not your average eagle scout
I've been burning trees since you were just a little sprout
Before you knew what the Stoner Life was even about
Go ahead, sit back, relax, and watch a master at work
I'll even let you keep that cute little smirk
While I'm twisting the shredder go ahead and split a few blunts
I'll do all of the dirty work, you can be just another one of the grunts
Slide me one of them skins, I'm so ready to roll this L
It's been so long since I've been under Ms. Mary's spell
I've almost forgot what it's like to be high, well hell almost
I hope you're ready, we about to puff some shit direct from the west coast
That pure Oregon grown, nothing but the best green
I gotta warn you it's about to get loud in here, possibly a little obscene
Just let me give this L once more flick
And I'll be ready to toast it with the Bic
Nothing on this planet is better than a blunt so nicely rolled
You're about to swear we smoking that 24 karat gold
Headed to the stars once I light that motherfucker, bout to pass the threshold
You'll be higher than you've ever been, probably tenfold
I put the flame to the smaller end, take a few puffs, and put it in rotation
At this point I must ask for minimum conversation,
There's no need for narration
Just relax your mind and fall in formation
Let yourself fall under Mary's influence and just enjoy the high
And drift to the furthest reaches of the endless blue sky
Swim through the clouds, and reach for the stars
Guide your mind through outer space,
Fly by Mercury, try to be the first to walk on Mars
All I ask is that you savor the high, and not try to blow mine
Because it's been so long since I've floated to Cloud 9
And I'd love to enjoy my time outside of this planet as long as I can
Or else you might find yourself having a a shortened lifespan
Are you high? wait you don't have answer that question
I already know you are, hell you joined my session

"Not all those who wander are lost."

Casual toker
Casual toker
Posts: 70
Joined: Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:51 am

Re: Cloud 9

Post by Paperclip420 »

It's been so long since I did one of these. Hope you all enjoy it. Stay Blazin' XD
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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