High There

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High There

Post by Paperclip420 »

I'm just blunt facing, paper chasing, cruising through the clouds
You know my mind is racing at a faster pasing not normally allowed
Headed for the somewhere in the stars, on my way out of this atmosphere
Although what's mine is ours I'll only pass if you promise your lungs will persereve
It's only nessecary I must warn you, it's that pure Grade A medically grown
I've already blazed through two, and I'm about one away from being blown
Always kept three in rotation, that was the expectation
In case anyone around me experienced any frustration
Felt utterly helpless in their present situation
Or wanted to disappear from their current location
For those reasons above I will always show love and bring the green
See the main purpose of Ms. Mary is just to provide that type of smoke screen
That helps distract all of us from the shit that clouds our train of thought
Steals everything for which we've fought, makes us forget everything we've been taught
This fucked up life tends to be unfair, Mary is just there to help level the playing field
She'll follow you into battle and be your sword and shield
She'll take care of you until your wounds are healed
Guiding you past every dead end until the true path is revealed
Queen Mary Jane, first of her name, long may she reign
From my lungs to my brain, now she travels through every vein
And once again Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'm lit, I'm zoned, I am high
Never shown any quit, true stoner that's how I identify
Can you hit the L? Shit, do you even qualify?
Last time I heard you were in the corner coughing up a storm
Is this a special occasion? Hell nawl, this is the everyday norm
Blazing every chance I get, every opportunity I find
There's no other feeling like leaving this world behind
Zooming through the clouds, past the planets, out of the Milky Way
To the stars above, no telling how long we'll stay
Sometime between tomorrow and next Saturday
Thinking of all this shit as I tap the blunt over the ashtray
Just a sec that's the doorbell, another package fresh from Spokane
Mary's one hell of a woman, and I'll sing her praise for the rest of my lifespan

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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