Would you let your children smoke weed at 16?

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Would you let your children smoke weed at 16 (if they wanted to)?

Poll ended at Sat Jan 27, 2007 6:51 pm

Hell no
Total votes: 30

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President Beavis
The Duke of Dope
The Duke of Dope
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Post by President Beavis » Tue Jan 09, 2007 1:00 am

Yes. If they aren't idiots about it.

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Herbal Assassin
Herbal Assassin
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Post by Vinyl » Tue Jan 09, 2007 1:48 am

i would say yes. but there would be really tight restrictions. i mean my kid tokin up like once or twice a week, fine. but it gets to be every minute of everyday and his/her marks are dropping its going out the window. it just all depends how mmentally stable they are and all. but those views will probably change once i have a kid :shock:
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Casual toker
Casual toker
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Post by fps_N0ga » Mon Jan 15, 2007 9:57 pm

I know I don't really have anything to say here as I'm 17 >< but was just thinking... everything should be allowed as long as they don't fuck up the school like big time :P besides I know my point of view will change once I become a father myself as well lol... some day

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Ganja God
Ganja God
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Post by SpRi7e » Tue Jan 16, 2007 1:00 am

as long as they don't act like ass holes and complete idiots when they are high...yes I would. Or if they smoke the plant for all the wrong reasons I would just have to take his weed and flush it down my toilet bowl.

edit: when I say toilet bowl, I mean I would put it in my bowl and smoke it before he notices.
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Casual toker
Casual toker
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Post by jimirocker! » Wed Jan 17, 2007 8:38 pm

I often hope ill remember what i feel like now when im older with kids (maybe), because when you look at someone younger you tend to think they are immature etc , forggetting how old and mature you felt at that age. As most of you here i think age is a bit silly and it should be based on maturity . and after all everyone has to make there own mistakes , i may think differently when im older because im 15 but i hope i dont.

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Post by mr.hookah » Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:17 am

PuffPuffGive wrote:It really depends on how mature my kids are at that age
Exactly. Good point. Id let my kids start at 14-15 if they were mature enough. But i would restrict it to ONE joint a week, but maybe when they first start 2 joints cuz i know they will mess up lol. But ya and if grades go down no pot till its back up. Then when they get jobs we will go to Amsterdam

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The Duke of Dope
The Duke of Dope
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Post by blazedsubaru » Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:37 am

I have 2 friends that their parents will let them smoke wherever they want, whenever they want.
Like, we smoked a bowl at dinner at this kid's house with him mom and dad.

Today we got a sack and went to this girls house and I thought it wasn't a 420 friendly house. And like her mom's cleaning the pool and she whips out the sack and goes "Mom look at this new weed we just got" and I was like omg, and her mom like sticks her head in the sack and is like, damn smells pretty good.

Hell weird! Then we went and met her dad and he was taking bong hits watching tv! Awesome...

Yeah, I would let my kid smoke, as long as they share.
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Herbal Assassin
Herbal Assassin
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Post by buttermilk » Tue Jan 23, 2007 3:39 am

If I thought toking was bad at 16, I'd probably be trying to quit myself, but I think it's great, when controlled like myself. I'd probably let them drink to...Hey, why the hell not? I'd just make sure they didn't binge drink or get any kind of addiction like I have aquired...I think I'd probably have to draw the line there though. If you restrict your kids too much, I think they would go crazy when you unleash them into the real world and ultimately end up being completely fucked. But that's only at the extreme. Of course I'd make sure they didn't pull off any crazy shit while intoxicated slash high...Maybe it would be better to start them off young, so that it doesn't seem like a huge deal or something like that. Anyways, I feel like I'm taking this off topic so I'm gonna shut up. :D

Casual toker
Casual toker
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Post by jmwoody » Thu Jan 25, 2007 4:11 am

I agree with some other posts in that i would let my kid smoke weed as long as he was getting good grades and staying out of trouble.

Casual toker
Casual toker
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Post by themagicbus » Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:32 am

age doesnt matter, its just maturity. When my chlidren are mature enough to really understand weed, ill smoke with them
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s†☼nër bi†ch
s†☼nër bi†ch
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Post by andriaSRH » Sun Feb 18, 2007 6:24 pm

i'll let my future kids smoke weed at whatever age they want to. as long as they don't get caught or get the cops called to my house.

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Post by Weedguru_Falkon » Sun Feb 18, 2007 7:17 pm

Yes. After all, i started when i was about 15. I think that as long as they are at least in High School or the equivalent age that they should be old enough and mature enough to make their own decisions about it. After all ill probably still be smoking by the time i have a kid that age!!
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Ganja God
Ganja God
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Post by FIRE!!! » Sun Feb 18, 2007 9:40 pm

When I think really deeply about it, I find that I would probably let my kids smoke pot if they were completely 100% honest with me about it, hell I would probably even toke up with them. But the second they lie to me about what they do with their weed, or move on to harder drugs, I cut them off from everything, including pot and booze, hardcore parent style. And I would never let my kid sell weed. Don't want them fucking up in the several ways I've fucked up in the past.

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Casual toker
Casual toker
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Post by rocketz_x » Mon Mar 12, 2007 4:17 pm

I would let my children smoke at weekends IF they wanted, I would never encourage them to start smoking, I would let them discover weed for themselves and if they want to experiment, they can.
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Post by WeedGuru_Flow » Mon Mar 12, 2007 6:36 pm

i know i already postedh ere, but it's an ancient thread (i think)

but here goes:

I'd allow them to smoke, as long as they keep it sane, I don't want drop out losers you know.

If i'd find out they started smoking I'd tell them I smoke, or used to smoke if I quit and ask them to roll me one so I can grade the quality of the shit they're smoking.

I mean, if your kids smoke pot you want them to smoke the real stuff, not the shwag shit that's out there, right?
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