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snowden ...traitor or hero?

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:59 pm
by weedguru_animal
Ed snowden - the ex contractor for the NSA, who recently sickened but didn't surprise the world with revelations released to the press detailing the US governments slice and kill routine of the constitution, as well as long standing theft of chinese and hong kong based telecommunications data - is apparently at Moscow airport, awaiting a connecting flight to Ecuador, Cuba or Iceland, where he will find safe haven and protection from the US government through political immunity.

From what snowden has released we now know that the UK government has been recording SMS, email, the vast majority of digital movements those in the UK embark on in their day to day lives.

As for the US government it appears that privacy laws linked to the constitution have been broken. And not just the Americans have been targeted en masse, without any consultation, but so have foreign powers such as china and hong kong.

The Chinese government labelled the US regime 'the worlds biggest villain' and demanded answers and apologies from president Obama.

It's worth mentioning that Obama has attempted to prosecute more whistleblowers in his tenure than have been prosecuted in the combined presidential history of the US.

It's awful but typical to now see senators threatening Russia and talking of traveling 'to the ends of the earth' to hunt down this traitor and feed him to the pigs.

My question you see snowden as a traitor who should be punishes for bringing to the public awareness the crimes against us perpetrated by our own governments?

Re: snowden ...traitor or hero?

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:50 pm
by weedguru_animal
Too much nonsense and brilliant excitement has occured since writing the sum up, I turn to a magnificent American journalist named lindorff, who had this worthy response to the US senators and white house spokesmen demanding Russia and hong kong and china respect 'the law'.

'the rule of law died (in the US) years ago with the illegal invasion of Iraq, the illegal secret rendition, detainment and torture of hundreds of suspects in the Bush/Obama “War” on Terror, the continued operation of the internationally illegal Guantanamo Bay detention and torture center, the three-year detainment without trial and torture of Army whistleblower Bradley Manning, the extra-legal killing of Americans by drone-launched missile attacks, and the NSA spying on all Americans, begun as early as

It's scandalous for the US government to be talking about respecting the law, even laughable in a dark, horrid way.