As the Islamic State weakens, are the Syrian rebels likely to resume the war with the government?

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As the Islamic State weakens, are the Syrian rebels likely to resume the war with the government?

Post by weedguru_animal » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:53 am

You have to begin to accept and understand who the rebels are, where they came from and who have been funding them.

The majority of Nusra and ISIS fiends appear foreigners. They have been funneled into the country along with the guns from Libya and other ruined states and flowed in through Turkey and Iraq.

The major funders have been the US/ UK, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. You can rest assured that all those openly eager to topple Assad have been funding and supply both recruits and weapons to the cause. There is of course money to be made, with Israel and Turkey appearing to be the major profiteers of huge quantities of stolen oil (alongside religious artefacts). With the transportation to Turkey proven beyond any doubt, many times indeed. Just not widely reported. For obvious reasons.

The majority of the so called ‘rebe;s’ have become…or always were…part of Nusra, or Al-qaeda, or IS. So many different brand names. Some infighting, yet a general trend towards slicing and dicing the Syrian government, stealing the resources and enforcing strict wahhabism. The home of which is…Our good pals the Saudis.

Chaos is required by Israel in all the surrounding countries. For countries in chaos are easier to control than those as one unified people. They have the gulf state countries in their pocket, sidle up and link arms as they unite against mutual enemies, basically any Shia entities in the region. The Greater Israel Project is very much top of the agenda for the Anglo Zionist power structure. Has been for many moons.

Difficult to know what will happen. Attempts have been made by a zionist led, but perhaps ostensibly Saudi delivered offer, to Russia. Suggesting they can keep Assad, and their new bases, and they will pull out their rebels. On one condition. Russia agrees that Iran’s power in the region will be weakened and destroyed. In Syria, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Yemen. Russia listen to everyone, its their way, even when they know they have no desire to deal or talk. Different customs. They refused, I believe…

Hence more trouble in Eastern Ukraine. which rose then suddenly stopped. I believe Russia had an ace up their sleeves…perhaps there is some truth to rumours of the delivery of missiles capable of hitting Tel Aviv arriving in Damascus. Missiles capable of accommodating a nuclear payload…Now that would even the balance a little.

nobody can say what will happen. I would like to believe that Russia will stay the course, they have already taken Turkey out the equation, smartly as always. The other belligerents will likely continue throwing fuel on the fire. Progress will come slow. Or at worst, Assad will be forced to accept the establishment of a so called ‘safe zone’ where the ‘rebel’s will re-stock, and get going once again in Iraq or Syria thereafter. A watered down version of the original Brookings Institute plan to divide and carve up Syria…

Still, the major fighting forces making progress in Syria remain Hizbollah, Iran and the SAA. The Kurds have their own agenda, hence the support of the US, who are not at all pro- Assad.

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