Servicing a Yamaha 1999 R6

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Servicing a Yamaha 1999 R6

Post by weedguru_animal » Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:44 am

I have ridden bikes for many moons, yet my eagerness and natural inclination towards servicing has always been awful. I remember the scowls and grimaces on the faces of the brothers at the mechanics in brixton when they asked me a few questions on my then CBR600F's service history...As with most things, I tend to leave things alone if they ain't broke. As the saying goes.

However, it has dawned on me that perhaps a maintenance schedule is the right way forward.

It has been 2.5 years since I last had the engine serviced. The valve clearances were adjusted, the carbs resynched, something to do with cams...

Now I am embarking on a new challenge.

After 19 years of riding, I finally check and adjust the tyre pressures a couple of times per month and also change the oil and oil filter at regular intervals (I see the oil as the bike's blood, so its the least I should be doing).

Today I made my first ever stab at cleaning a chain. It hadn't been cleaned since early 2012 so understandably, since I ride the bike every day, it was rather messy. I used kerosene and a nylon bristly kitchen brush, did the rear sprocket as well as all sides of the chain. Then chucked on a load of de-greaser, hosed the fucker down with water, took her for a ride. Coated the width of the chain with motul chain lube. Waited half hour then took her for a ride. ALL ALL ALL chain noise had vanished. And she seemed more eager at low revs! What shocked me most was that I had grown to believe that the chain was black, yet when cleaned it became silver!!

I have ordered a new air filter (cleaned in 2011, not since) and a set of spark plugs (changed in 2011, not touched since). The air filter change seems simple enough...although I am yet to work out whether I need to oil it, or if it will arrive pre-oiled, it is a HIFLOW air filter. The plugs are a little trickier, yet I am keen-ish to attempt the job personally. They are also en-route.

Is it definitely time to be changing the air filter and plugs???

All I know of deep engine servicing is what I had done in 2011- valve clearances and carb re-synching. This is a costly job, and since then, I have done around 12-15000km, and I think the valves need doing every 25k. Not sure of the car synching???

What certainly seems crying out for replacement is the front tyre...
Which was last replaced in 2012. It seems to handle fine, but I am aware that rather than note problems in performance, I naturally adjust to the bike. There are cracks on some of the grooves in the central channel, which to me, suggests it needs replacing???
As for the rear...
The central grooves are deeper, less haggard, was replaced last year. Seems OK.

My plan is to do the air filter, plugs, front tyre...perhaps have the front fork oil changed for the first time in 5 years as part of the same job??? If that adds some zip to the beast, great. If not, I may need to consider another valve clearance or/and carb resynching routine???

Any advice is most welcome!

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