Advanced Growing Using Phytohormones

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Advanced Growing Using Phytohormones

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Back in the 80s I had a guerrilla patch in Central Florida using seeds obtained from a Sou Cal grower (c. Sativa primarily). Another buddy had recently gotten a BS in horticulture and was keen to try using a naturally occurring plant growth hormone supplement, similar to steroids used by bodybuilders. He has the degree, so don't blame me if my science is off. Anyway, he diluted some cytokinin, or Kinetin in some sort of solvent using a lab spinning device (don't know the term), then applied it directly to the plant's flowering stalks at the leaf nodes when they were starting their natural flowering cycle. He said the stuff does not translocate, so applying it through root feeding would not produce bigger flower buds. I was in only my second season of growing so I'm not sure whether the stuff worked, but I will say that the buds we harvested were the biggest, thickest ones I've ever grown, and I've been cultivating on and off for a long time now.

His explanation is that while a phytohormone like gibberellic acid causes cellular elongation, hence rangy plants with wide separation between nodes, Kinetin causes cellular division, thereby creating more flowering nodes, giving you thicker, fatter colas.

My question is, has anyone else tried using kinetin in this fashion? What were the results?

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Re: Advanced Growing Using Phytohormones

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Never heard of it, sorry

Try googling it

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