Flame wars

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Flame wars

Post by weedguru_asmodeus » Tue Jun 21, 2005 8:23 am

It has come to our attention that attitude towards members has become an alarming problem here at weedguru. As of today we will be implementing a new rule here on the weedguru forums.

Flaming towards members will no longer be tolerated.

We the admins and mods will be enforcing this new rule by removing seeds and changing titles to highlight offenders. Please keep in mind that redemption of a normal title will take much work to obtain.

A three strikes and you're out policy is now in operation. A Third misdemeanor will result in the member who refuses to conform to our rules being banned.

We take this moment to point out that all flaming / disrespectful posts and or threads have been deleted, so idiocy has robbed the WG community of many intelligent posts.

When these forums were originally created we had a very important thing going on around here..it was called respect. Lately there has been less and less of it. Weedguru was created to be a community geared towards helping new pot smokers and helping each other, and enjoying our smoking habits together in a cool environment. A place where everyone could be accepted and understood, not made to feel like outcasts. New members hold the key to weedguru’s future, we want them to have an enjoyable time here so they may become long term valued members like many of us.

Please encourage the new members by responding in an appropriate manner, helping them learn the ropes of the forums. Troublemakers do appear here occasionally but we would appreciate letting us deal with those situations.


The management.

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