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Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 1:05 pm
by weedguru_animal
dear members,

i have kinda withdrawn myself as a moderator of the main boards(i still pop in now and then perhaps!), due to recent events.

i have got two forums to moderate myself, where there wont be any flaming or nastiness, just stoners experssing themselves and having fun!

Anyone who wishes to enter the new forum or stoners poem will need to be made a member by myself, so please pm me and i will add you!!

this is my solution to the recent problems i have encountered, so rather than keep coming back and getting upset, i will stick to these forums.

i have alwasy run the stoners poems anyway, and yeh i have one more forum to have kinda mix of stoners stuff.

so please pm me, or find me on msn messenger and i will get you in there!

hope to see some of you soon.

take care