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NeW Rank SYstem

Post by weedguru_animal »

Finally the rank system has been re-arranged and updated. This has been done to give both:
a.more connection to weed and each other(as members)
and b. more recognizable flow of titles/images to work with i.e. so members know that if they have 3 green leaves, that at some point in the future they will get 4 green leaves..

here are some samples:::


When you reach 5000 posts, you will have the option of choosing a custom rank and/or image.

I know quite a few of you have custom titles than either I, or a moderator past/present, created. I understand if you are desperate to keep them but I ask all of you with custom titles to relinquish them voluntarily, then fall into line as part of the new ranking system.
(Moderators/Admin are allowed custom rank/images. this is because they put in hours of work for the site, trying to make it a lovely place to be for all of us, and yeh, they deserve a few perks)

Personally speaking, as a show of my belief in the new rank system, I will give up my beloved spiderman rank image and title and 'fall into line'.......

bye bye spidey...
see you when i get to 5000!!

Enjoy the new ranks, and please Private Message me with your old custom ranks/titles, if you have them.....


ANimal :)

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