Making Hash Oil With Denaturated Alcohol

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Making Hash Oil With Denaturated Alcohol

Postby Weedguru Higher » Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:01 pm

Making Hash Oil With Denaturated Alcohol
Written by kilacaLIbud


Trim/buds ect..
Coffee filters
Huge funnel
Three 5 gallon buckets
Electric stove or hot skillet
Pyrex dish
Chop sticks


step 1 Line the inside of the funnel with coffee filters .

step 2 Fill the funnel with trim/buds...on top of the coffee filters...(see this is why u need a huge funnel.)

step 3 After the funnel is filled with trim open your gallon of denatured alcohol...and start to pour it through the trim and the funnel....let it run through....this is what we call the first wash.You only want the trichomes that come off easy with no soaking.Let the alcohol drain through the funnel into a 5 gallon bucket.

step 4 After you poured the 1 whole gallon of alcohol through the trim,its time to repack the funnel with new trim and coffee filters. You wanna do this every time you're done lightly pouring the alcohol through the funnel.

step 5 Ok after having new coffee filters and new trim in the funnel use the same alcohol you poured into the 5 gallon...seeee what i mean? Keep using the same alcohol and pour it over the new trim into the this as many times until the alcohol is greeenish or whatever color, not clear.

step 6 Ok now you're ready for the cook off!

step 7 Take your hotplate in this case electric skillet and put the pyrex dish in it on top of chop sticks and add water..


step 8 Boil off the alcohol this might take forever but be patient.You'll know when it's done when all the bubbles stop forming and u get this sticky icky honey molasses. It will not come off your hands with out alcohol...this stuff is potent, most potent I've smoked in a while.


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