How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Safely

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How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Safely

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How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Safely


Gowing pot is illegal in most countries, so you’ll need to approach buying marijuana seeds with caution.

There are a number of potential pitfalls when buying marijuana seeds. Not only is doing so against the law in most places, but finding reputable marijuana seed banks, avoiding scams, and having them shipped safely to you can be challenging. Also, keep in mind that every country has different laws, so check them. In this guide, we’ll explain the advantages and drawbacks of buying your seeds locally versus online. Plus, you’ll learn what factors to consider regarding trusting your supplier and other safety issues.

Should You Buy Local?

Buying your seeds locally has one major advantage: you can pick them up within minutes, depending upon your supplier. When you buy them online, they’re shipped to you, which can take a few days.

Unfortunately, there are several disadvantages to using a local supplier. First, the seed quality may be poor or inconsistent. A lot of small suppliers simply aren’t concerned with offering a high level of quality. Occasionally, a good batch White Widow or Ganja Dwarf might find their way into their supply. But, you can’t count on it happening.

Second, local suppliers often don’t have the widest selection. For example, they may have Caramelicious, but not Purple Power or Skunk Special. Remember, some of them focus solely on selling the cheapest marijuana seeds. Lastly, there’s always a risk that a local supplier will turn into a privacy concern. Not only will they know about your buys, but they can even be under surveillance.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

When you buy your seeds online, the biggest drawback is having to wait for them to arrive. A lot of people enjoy Amsterdam marijuana seeds. If you live in the U.S., it takes a few days before they reach your doorstep. That said, there are several benefits to buying them online. First, you’ll enjoy the widest selection. Some marijuana seed banks offer nearly every strain and hybrid you can imagine. If you want Ganesha’s Dream, you can buy it. Pride of Amsterdam? It’s a click away.

Another advantage is a consistent level of quality. Reputable seed banks take measures to ensure that their supply is made up from consistently high-quality genetics. Lastly, a reputable online supplier eliminates any privacy concerns. They’ll ship your marijuana seeds in a non-descript package that doesn’t call any attention to itself.

Trusting Your Supplier

Finding a dependable online supplier can be challenging. After all, how do you know they can be trusted? Are they safe to use? Some ship poor or stale seeds. Others won’t even ship your package! Still others are lax with their security measures, which means your personal information may be vulnerable. That’s why it’s so important to identify an online seller with a pristine reputation that you can trust.

Look for an order tracker that you can use to track your marijuana seeds after they ship them. Ask them how the package looks. You want it to be discreet and stealthy, so the postal workers never look twice. If you don’t want to go through the trial and error, start here.

Cannabis Seeds Buying Tips

Keep YOUR Marijuana Seeds order a Secret! This applies to your online and offline activities. Don't tell anyone is the most important rule to follow!

Credit Card Information has become much more secure online. Many of cannabis seeds vendors destroy your payment information immediately after your order has been processed. Still scared? Use a Pre-paid Visa card, Bank Transfer, or Cash.

Shipping to a real name at the address is also cruicial. The mailman knows whether someone lives at an address or not. Make it deliverable. Usually the cannabis seeds deliveries are very stealth.

Never ship to a place where you prefer ZERO information exists on that address tied to you or your activities. Some folks may recommend - DO NOT SHIP to your growing address.

Always use a public email address on your marijuana seeds ordering form. Your emails are saved somewhere. Use a public email whenever dealing with your operation or it's services. Be smart.

Send your cannabis seeds package to someone or an address completely unrelated to you if possible. A girlfriend, sister, friend or business. . Our breeders ship discreetly and stealthly.

Never have your cannabis seeds parcel delivered requiring a signature. Need we say more here? If a must have someone else to sign it.

Should I ship to my neighbours house? The answer is NO. If the neighbor saw you in their mail that's a felony all they have to say is you opened their mail.

Be Patient, many international shipments take longer than most people are used to. Give it some time before you start calling your marijuana seeds vendor and complaining. Remember what you're ordering here.

Break-up larger cannabis seeds orders over numerous trusted vendors. This allows any postal loss to be a small one. If you have ever lost an order, you'll be glad you did this.

All out of country items through the post go through customs so there is a small chance your order might be opened.. or just passed right along

If your seeds are seized at customs seized you get a letter from them saying that a package mailed to you had contraband in it and if you wanted them back come get them or will be destroyed.

The repercussions of ordering seeds is nothing... unless you ordered like 200 seeds which I doubt you will do anyway right?

If you never see a letter then theres hope but after a certain time either the package was lost(which happens) or never sent at all.

Drool all over your mailbox is a stupid give-away! Be patient, not obvious. ... -tips.html ... ana-seeds/


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