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Spartan - Massimo Manfredi

As with the other Manfredi efforts, this is a gorgeous book. Rooted massively in historical accounts, with a splattering of novelist imagination to fill in the gaps.

The narrative is focused on the constant trials and tribulations of Talos...due to the vicious and ultimately self destructive Laws, a baby, abandoned soon after birth, due to a physical defect. Without knowing much about the Helots, other than through this book, I cannot assert towards the credibility of such a story, but i enjoyed it massively, found myself truly involved in the story, and many nights, stayed out in the wind and rain in my front garden, solely because I could not put the fucking book down.

If you want to learn about the greek and roman periods in particular, and have an interest in the Spartans, READ THIS BOOK. Its brilliantly composed, likely accurate to known history, and a serious joy to behold and become a part of, even as an observer of events long passed.

Animal Rating...7/10

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