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Re: Crazy stuff

Post by wgToonces »

^Damn right!

Fucking crazy though don't you think?

Catch the 747 service on 9-11..." I'm still kind of amazed. Don't really have any thoughts on it, but it's a trippy fucking coincidence. The 747 on 911 lol...

Seriously tho... :shock:


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Re: Crazy stuff

Post by Weedguru_RyaNayR »

AbbyRoad wrote:this vid for you ryan. some love frequency.
one of those binaruial beats you mentioned....i think

you actually showed me that video before on msn, and that's what got me into looking up binaural beats. lol :lol:

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Re: Crazy stuff

Post by omnific.dc »

Religions' a killer..

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