the road to war on Syria, for no good reason at all...

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the road to war on Syria, for no good reason at all...

Post by weedguru_animal » Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:48 pm

So it seems that the leader of a sovereign state, with the support of the vast majority of his country, has reached the 'tipping point' of the uk/us axis of evil, by winning back land murderously stolen by foreign backed terrorists and now...we in the west must pay for war on this tyrant who is defending his own land.

Strangely enough the head of the UN inspection team concluded only that THE REBELS had used chemical weapons. An overwhelming amount of experts in the west are at best extremely dubious of US and german reports of Assad using chemical weapons and there is zero evidence. The Russians are asking for proof. The un secretary general is asking for proof.

Still, I'm sure there are a few hundred million who will read such facts and still somehow conclude that our leaders don't need proof, they are simply right.

Saudi, Jordan, UK, US, Israel, France, Bahrain, Egypt versus Syria, hizbollah and a little help from Russia...

It's plain fucking ridiculous. Have we not been through the weapons of mass destruction bullshit before and completely ruined Iraq, which used to run pretty decently under saddam and also lost a war in Afghanistan with nothing gained for anyone but the military industrial complex which owns the shite house and 10 downing street?

As Libya, we are arming the same al-Qaeda affiliated groups who are supposed to be our enemy. If Assad has the huge support he clearly has, what possible reason can there be to crunch him and place in power not syrians but foreigners hellbent on bloodshed and religious savagery?

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