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Room for Improvement

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Some commentators decided to blinker themselves to the obvious awfulness of Trump and focus solely upon the forlorn hope that a proven deceit merchant would make good on some of his statements of intent during the election campaign. The Mainstream Media (MSM) encouraged this, by making damn sure everyone in the West was made well aware of Trump’s repeated statements of the following –

Normalisation of relations with Russia.
A marked move away from foreign interventions, militarily or otherwise.
An attack on the Established power structure.

These are the three major election promises which were of interest to those outside the US. For the obvious reason of such words, such promises, suggesting a slowing down of global carnage.

Myself partly included, some allowed themselves a glimmer of hope, in spite of the valid claims against Trump as a misogynist, deceitful, racist egomaniac. By my own reckoning, I allowed myself to get carried away to some degree, with the idea of the Zionist run Shite House in Washington been challenged in their global hegemony routine.
It has barely been a month since the inauguration. Already all three of these aims have been trounced.
Typically bungled US special forces debacles in Yemen. An upsurge in attacks on Novorussia in Ukraine, culminating in the assassination of heroic military leader Givi. Amping up of sanctions and threats towards Iran. Forces still building in the South Pacific.

Nothing has changed. We remain on course for war with Russia and China. We remain on course for war with Iran. Had Hilary come into power, perhaps this process would have been expedited, yet I suspect the agenda would be moving at the same pace, no matter the witting or unwitting patsy on the throne.
At best…Trump has made an attempt to reach out to parts of the three aims mentioned above. Yet he has been undone, not just by the MSM and Neocons, but also, by the deals he made to reach his position of apparent power coming back ever so swiftly to crunch his early decisions as Chief Executive of the US. At worst, he was well aware of what would come before his elevation to Top Weasel.

Obama’s ‘reign’ led to invasions of many countries, the destruction of and empowerment of Neo Nazis in Ukraine, the obliteration of Libya and attempts of the same in Syria, the horrific humanitarian nightmare still very much ongoing in Yemen and the scores of people killed by his personally signed off global assassination program by drone strike. Likely millions dead, and millions displaced and millions suffering. That was the Obama Presidency. Not crazed conspiracy theory but fact. Alongside these moves was the steady war cry to demonise Russia and China. (Only Iran were ostensibly exempt…yet not anymore)

Nothing has changed. Trump is (perhaps) an unwitting patsy. The proof of this is more visible than you might believe.
For other than the definite continuation of the exact same policies of carnage Obama put into action, the top of the power structure, namely the Zionists, have actually increased their reach and control.
Steve Bannon for example. Trump’s right hand man; or better put, the man pulling his levers. A staunch Zionist, yet also an anti-semite; odd mix. Yet his lunatic views of Generations and the Grey Man appearing to spearhead the judeochristian defence against the Islamic hordes, and white supremacy savagery is only part of the issue. For Ol’ Man Bannon, was put into play by the Zionists, demonstrably, and his ideology of a war on Islam, is focused solely on the base of Shia power on the global map, namely Iran. Not the Saudis, nor any other Sunni state already under the thumb of the Zionists. And this I find a remarkable truth…

A war on Islam, yet one focused solely upon the Shia element of Islam, the root of which is Iran. Of approximately 1.6bn muslims across the globe, around 80-85% are Sunni. And so to declare a war on Islam, which focuses on 15-20% of Muslims, becomes a blatant lie.

Why Iran?

Well, the Greater Israel Project envisions the Israeli state stretching from the river Jordan to the Euphrates. To bring about this goal, those embarking on the Greater Israel Project need to sew seeds of chaos all around them, for countries in chaos are far easier to control than countries unified as one people. Hence the ongoing barbarism in the Middle and Muddled East. The Zionists have their filthy tentacles all over each and every war in the region, which makes sense, given their ambition.Yet they have a problem, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Syria, in Lebanon, which begins and ends with Iran.

Logically speaking, it can therefore come as no surprise that if the Zionists have taken over the White House more fully, they would be gunning for war with the only threats to their ambition. Which stand clearly as Iran, who have major sway over the Shia entities in the Middle East…and also Russia, whose resurgence especially in the Middle East comes as a concern for those eager to weaken the region to their ends. The same two countries who just happen to be the major forces fighting ISIS in Syria.

Is this making any sense?

Now I will admit that some of my own personal views might be considered very much right wing. I am a fan of assimilation, for those from foreign cultures assimilating when they move into a society which can be easily considered to hold values opposite to what is found in their homeland. Yet if they accept the prevailing values of a new culture, then fine, it can work out brilliantly. However, I am yet to believe that multi culturism works….Especially when it comes to clashes of religious cultures. Which leads to either assimilation into the new culture, whilst retaining some core aspects of the former, yet becomes a hybrid, or, it becomes a horrorshow, a clash, with migrants demanding the same core values of a religion from another realm.

For example…my motherland of England has many a pakistani, and indian who was born and bred into and english ostensibly secular culture who would break my face if I met them and asked them where they were from? Delhi? Because they have become british. They feel british. And are british. In some ways more so than myself, who has spent many years outside my adopted homeland and continue to do so here and now. Yet still, essentially, I feel british. Or perhaps more specifically english.

And then there are others who hold fierce to the way of life, their way of living, which they knew from another contrasting realm, whether that be religious or cultural differences, and they oppose any sense of assimilation. This is where the ideal of multi-culturism leads to brutal societal issues. Leaving the general conclusion gaining substance, in that some people should live apart. Side by side preferable and safer than forced together when fundamental values contrast and grate.

I believe from my own experiences that culture and religion play second fiddle to assimiliation into a new culture when a people mass migrates to a new realm markedly different to where they come from. Yet back to the global reckoning…
We have seen Flynn gunned down, for no crime, when a crime was clearly committed by those who leaked his telephone conversations, which he knew damn well were recorded, yet were legally secret. This was an important appointment by Trump, and its instructive that Trump accepted his resignation then went on stage to perform one of the most bungled appearances of a US President, since hints of Ray Gun or the Bush…He came across as meek, whining, with no friends, no support, and will assuredly be impeached long before the end of the year. Yet the Zionist elements he has brought into the cradle of so called Leader Of The Free World power, will remain at large.

Nothing has changed. Other than we find a Punch and Judy routine closer to home, with Trump revealing himself as a buffoon, to an international audience, whilst the real battles, the real wars, continue unabashed…

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