How to Build a Refrigerator Grox Box

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How to Build a Refrigerator Grox Box

Postby Weedguru Higher » Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:53 pm

How to Build a Refrigerator Grow Box
Unknown Author


Things You’ll Need:

Nonfunctional refrigerator (full size with freezer or mini-fridge)
Non abrasive cleaner
Expansive foam
Grow light
Exhaust fan

Step 1:

To avoid potentially harmful effects of Freon, if any is left in the old refrigerator, drain this refrigerant in an area with plenty of ventilation. Remove the wiring, air compressor, coils, shelves and other material or equipment that adds unnecessary weight to your grow box. Save one of the shelves to use later.


Step 2:

Clean the exterior and interior of the refrigerator. Use a nonabrasive cleaner and rinse off all residue.

Step 3:

Saw a hole through the ceiling or wall of the box, large enough in diameter for the power cord (including the connector end that is larger in diameter) to fit through it. Attach your light to the top inside surface of the box. Feed the cord through the hole you've cut, and pull the cord taut enough that no loose chord is dangling in the box. When finished, and you're sure your light power cord is pulled tight, fill the hole you've cut with expansion foam.


Step 4:

Mount your grow light inside the refrigerator. Use chains or cable to hang your grow light, and slip the power cord through the hole in the back of the fridge.

Step 5:

Install an exhaust fan. Make a hole through the back of the refrigerator just large enough for the fan to fit through. The fan can be recessed in the lining of the refrigerator and should face into the interior of the fridge. It is then necessary to offset the fan by making another hole in the back of the fridge for ventilation.


Step 6:

Make the second hole to offset the fan. This hole should be positioned lower than the fan and should be the same size as the fan. For example, if you use a 6-inch fan, the hole should be several inches below the fan and should be 6 inches in diameter. This allows for proper ventilation without excess exposure to light.


Step 7:

Cut holes in the back to allow for power cords for pumps if you're using a hydroponics system. Use the existing supports in the refrigerator for shelving.

Step 8:

Keep the doors closed on your refrigerator grow box to maintain the integrity of the closed and controlled environment. Open only for routine maintenance and harvesting.

Tips & Warnings

Wear safety glasses when drilling.You will likely encounter insulation when drilling. For the power cord hole, simply push it aside. You should, however, remove the exposed insulation when drilling the fan holes. Use gloves when handling insulation and dispose of it properly.


Good luck with the grow!


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