Nutrient Flushing of Marijuana Plants

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Nutrient Flushing of Marijuana Plants

Post by Weedguru Higher » Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:58 pm

Flushing Marijuana Plants


Flushing is a very important part of cannabis cultivation. Flushing is a method that is used to remove waste from your growing medium. Flushing will help to eliminate the harshness you experience when smoking. Pot that has been fertilized right up to harvest is harsh to smoke, sometimes the joint will even sizzle and pop as unmetabolized fertilizer salts combust. Unflushed pot leaves black ash, is hard to keep lit and burns your throat. Pot which has been organically grown and properly flushed is more flavorful and fragrant, burns easily, leaves grey ash, is easier on the throat and is much more pleasurable to smoke.

Flushing should be done at a very minimum of 2 weeks before harvest. Flushing is done by taking water and pouring it into the plant’s growing medium.

Once the flushing process has begun, DO NOT add any fertilizer to your flowering plants. At this point you will only be using plain water to feed your plants. Remember, you are flushing because you want to remove the fertilizers and waste from your growing medium to improve the overall quality of your end product.


The amount of water needed to properly flush is approximately three times the volume of the container you are growing in. So, if you have a 1 gallon pot, approximately 3-4 gallons of water will be needed to flush the plant. When the water runs clear out the bottom of the pot you will be good to go (at first it will run yellow/brown) You cannot 'drown' the plant from too much water .This should be done about once per week. However, take note that depending on your growing style and preference you may flush more frequently or less frequently than one time per week.

I recommend either flushing them outside with a garden hose, or using the bathtub indoors.

Never flushing during the potted plants life will result in nute lock-up at some point . Nute lock-up is when you have been feeding your plants for awhile and do not flush with regular water. The fertilizer salts build up to toxic levels, this buildup keeps your plant from getting everything it needs.(It essentially shuts the roots off to nutrient intake) Leaves all start to turn yellow and the plant starts to die. Plants can bounce back from this if you flush them right after you notice.

This process also helps to remove the remaining chlorophyll from the plant. This will essentially increase the flavor, by allowing the flavor undertones of the marijuana to become more prominent in the taste of the cannabis.

For outdoor plants, rain takes care of flushing throughout it's life. Though nearing harvest you must stop applying the nutrients and use only pure water just as with the indoor plants.

If you want to grow quality bud, you MUST make it a habit to flush your marijuana plants frequently.

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