How To Dry Marijuana Properly

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How To Dry Marijuana Properly

Post by Weedguru Higher » Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:50 pm

How To Dry Marijuana Properly
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After you have properly trimmed your marijuana you will want to give it a proper dry and cure.

The process of drying and curing marijuana can and will effect the quality of the final product.

The best dry is usually a slow dry. Drying too fast will lock in chlorophyll, nutrient residuals and other things that a slow dry helps remove.

You also want a fairly cool and well ventilated room, 60 - 70 degrees is about ideal. A good fan to remove gas build up in the dry area will also help improve flavor and prevent mold.

As marijuana and other plant life decomposes and breaks down it produces carbon dioxide gas. It can smell like a bail of straw or alphalpha and it can make your final product taste and smell funny. Proper ventilation will eliminate this problem.

To get a nice slow dry you will need to control the humidity. Depending on the time of year you may need a humidifier or a de-humidifier. If it's cool and rainy or too warm you may even need something to control the temperature.

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Once you get the climate control tuned in you need to put up lines to hang your buds on. Some people hang the entire plant upside down because they believe the THC will flow from the roots into the buds. That is one of the many myths about growing marijuana. THC does not flow in the marijuana plant. The roots have such a minimal amount of THC that even if it did flow it would be useless anyway.

THC forms in the trichomes on the mature flowers of the marijuana plant. That's where the good stuff is for most patients. This is what hash, hash oil and hemp oil is made from. It forms on the flowers and stays on the flowers until it's removed by humans or decomposes into the ground etc.

Many people use fishing line or other similar string and run it from one side of the area to the other and back again. Leave enough space between lines to get decent ventilation.

Other people prefer to lay their trimmed buds out on screen to dry.

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And yet other people prefer to hang the entire plant and trim only after everything is dry. (Personally, I don't recommmend this method but anyways...)


Once you have your dry room or area set up you are ready to trim and hang your marijuana. Space the trimmed flowers out so they aren't touching each other across the lines. Set up a fan to keep the air in the room properly circulated. Make sure to sweep the floor and clean the entire room well before you hang your marijuana. Dirt particles can easily stick to the sticky trichomes on marijuana buds.

Once you have everything trimmed and hung shoot for a humidity of about 40% if you can. 50 is acceptable but much higher than that the first day or 2 can promote mold inside the denser marijuana buds. The denser the buds are the longer you want to keep the humidity around 40%. Indica and Indica dominate strains that have very tight dense flowers are usually more prone to inner bud mold while hanging.

Once your medical marijuana flowers begin to feel a little dry and slightly crispy on the outside let the humidity come up to 50 - 55%. Keep the room ventilated and the air circulated at all stages so far.

You want to keep the buds in this stage for at least a week, 2 if possible. Some strains require more than 2 weeks. The longer growing strains often have more nutrient residuals to release and do better with a longer cure time.

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By drying like this you are really getting a "pre cure" on your medical marijuana.

Once you have given the marijuana a proper dry time bring the room down to 50% humidity for 4 hours or so. It's best to do this on a dry day unless you have a dehumidifier. Once the marijuana stems snap but not a crispy snap it's usually ready to jar up. The flowers should still have a little moisture in them but not a lot. It should be about as dry as you like to get it when you like to smoke it but just a tad moister.

Open the jars every day for a minute or so until the buds are the perfect moisture. After a week or 2 they are usually cured and ready to smoke. After 3 weeks in the jar they are usually premo.

Keeping your medical marijuana in a glass jar helps preserve quality and flavor.

This is the quickest and most effective way I have found to dry and cure marijuana and get a high quality product.

Article copied from ... ijuana.htm

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