Finger and Scissor Hash

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Finger and Scissor Hash

Post by Weedguru Higher » Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:31 pm

Finger and Scissor Hash
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'Finger hash' is produced by rolling the ripe trichome-covered flowers of the plant between the fingers, rupturing the trichomes, and collecting the freed resin that sticks to the fingers.

Finger hash can be an extremely high quality smoke with ample characteristics, but doesn’t come around too often. When it does, it’s probably what was collected on hands and scissors while manicuring. Your hands have natural oils (and who knows what else) on them that can affect the flavor, so give them a wash before starting, preferably without soap, as it tends to leave a residual taste, too. Resin sticks to resin. Regularly brushing away the small pieces of leaf from resin-coated hands helps the finger hash build up faster and decreases the amount of contaminant in your final product.

Removing the resin can be more of a chore than collecting it. The stuff is like glue and vigorously rubbing hands together can cause blistering. Start by lightly rubbing off what is easily removed over a dish or table. A drop of water will help peel away what remains. Now just collect the pile and roll it into a ball in the palm of your hand. Want a completely different method? Just rub the hell out of a pile of shake with your hands and see what you can get!

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Ask Ed: Grow Questions and Answers - Finger Hash

By Ed Rosenthal, Cannabis Culture - Tuesday, October 13 2009

CANNABIS CULTURE - Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal on how to keep your fingers sticky-free while trimming.

My hands get all sticky from manicuring and the gooey resin gets under my nails. How can I keep the resin off me?

Ed's Rosenthal: Wear powder-free latex gloves. They keep hands clean and make it easy to collect the very potent resin from broken trichomes. When it is collected it is often referred to as “finger hash”.

Trichomes collect when the buds are handled. Once the gloves are sticky use them only for manicuring as they will pick up impurities if you perform other tasks. Powdered gloves leak their powder into the resin too.

When you take the gloves off, put them in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer for a few hours. The sticky resin freezes and can easily be peeled off the gloves. Don’t re-use the gloves. Once you take them off start with a a fresh pair. ... inger-hash


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