Sun tube?

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Sun tube?

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here's some shots of my flowering chamber. it's a wardrobe approx. dimensions 0.4m x 0.7m x 1.7m

i lined all the sides with mylar (reflects 95% of lumens)

i have my powerplant ghostwing pro reflector mounted on easy rollers

i have a 200 watt red envirolite pact flourescent) in the reflector and a 200 watt blue envirolite mounted vertically at the rear, lower down

i have a 30L res. under my plants with a submerged, 500L/ph, pump

my chosen grow medium is canna coco (coco coir is inert, has no nutes. you must feed the plant hydroponic nutrients)

this kind of set up with drippers feeding my plants in coco is called 'active hydro'

i have my drippers timed to simulate handwatering, as a good dry-wet cycle is essential to maintain a healthy, pot-grown, plant.

i have a systemair RVK 125mm L1 inline duct fan extracting heat, and a passive, screened intake, bringing cooler air in.

i vent warm air directly outside.

here's some pics...


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