Making a Homemade Bong

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Making a Homemade Bong

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How To Make a Bottle Bong
Unknown Author


Things You'll Need

* Your favorite smoking product
* Empty Plastic Bottle
* A tube
* Something that can be used as a bowl(a socket from a ratchet set works great)
* Something to be used as sealant
* Water
* Lighter

1. Find any type of bottle or can(a 2-liter bottle or 16 oz bottle works fine)

2. Punch a 1/8 inch (3mm) to 1/4 inch (6mm) hole 2 inches (5cm) from the bottom. This hole is where the smoke will enter the bong.

3. Punch a small hole up near the top (about where the "dome" of the bottle is. This hole should be easily sealed with one finger and will be used to "clear" the bong.


4. Place a tube in the hole at the bottom you've made. A cheap and easy way to o this is to use a straw (large ones found at "boba" shops work best). Avoid using a pen tube unless absolutely necessary, because the plastics that some pen tubes are made of can contain dangerous chemicals that release bad things when heated even to a low temperature. Coat the inside and outside of the tube with a non-toxic sealant spray, if you use one.

5. Attach a bowl to the end of the tube. If you can, pick up an inexpensive glass bowl from your local smoke shop, they will usually run about 5 dollars. Hardware stores may have plumbing fixtures that can be bent into bowl shapes. You can also roll a cigarette with rolling papers and attach it to the end of the tube. Aluminum foil can be used but it is not recommended. Please check to make sure your bowl material is safe for inhalation before using.

6. Seal the tube at the entry point to the bottle (use gum, electrical tape, whatever). It should be waterproof and have minimal air leakage. A good way to test this is to put one finger over the bowl, cover the clearing hole, and suck in from the top of the bottle. If you feel air being sucked through the bowl, then you are ok.

7. Fill the bong with water, until the tube inside the bottle is completely underwater by at least 1 inch. You can fill it with more, but there will be less smoke in the chamber when you smoke.

Image Image

8. Load the bowl with your favorite smoking product, cover your clearing hole up with one finger. Light the filled bowl and hit. Remove your finger from the hole and clear the smoke that builds up in the chamber.


* Remember to make the holes smooth so you won't loose any pressure. This may be tough but with practice, it should be easy. IF the holes are messed up just use a hot glue gun to cover the hole with... better than using tape.
* This can be done with all types of plastic bottles, from 500 ml. to 2 Lts. And more. Try all the bottles that you can, each brings a new sensation.
* Once you get the hang of it, you can try different configurations of bongs. Try several chambers, like a cooling chamber filled with ice for a smooth hit.
* If you can't hit and clear the chamber all in one go: Take a hit and fill the chamber. Then use your hand to cover the top of the bottle. Exhale, take your hand off, and finish your hit. This is a good strategy for large hits, multi-chambered bongs, less-experienced smokers, or people with small lungs. Or after filling the chamber full of smoke, breathe only out of your nose and not your mouth (if your breathe out your mouth, bong water'll go everywhere not to mention getting the "smoking product" wet), then clear it! This is about the best way to hit a bong.
* Personalize your bong! Put stickers on it and give it a name!
* Instead of water, you can use fruit juice, or some type of spirit, like vodka or whisky. It makes a different taste and also, in the case of alcohol, laces the smoke. Killing two birds with one stone!



* Doing this looks anti-aesthetic. Your local smoke shop probably sells nice glass bongs for affordable prices.
* If you melt any of the plastic and inhale that - not only is it extremely bad for you, it tastes awful and you will most likely cough your guts up.
* Do not use PVC, copper, aluminum, or plastic in the parts that will be exposed to heat. Do not smoke using tinfoil or put hot glue near the bowl, as this is toxic and carcinogenic.
* Use a bong only in the privacy of your home. Even if you are just smoking tobacco or other legal products, law enforcement officials may try to harass you. If you must smoke outside, consider a small bong that can be stashed in a glove box or quickly thrown away in a trash can if necessary.
* Check local laws to see if your favorite smoking product is illegal.

Check out this link for more awesome homemade bongs


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Re: Making a Homemade Bong

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What is the bottle you used in the first picture? looks perfect for a bong :bong: . I like all your pictures and different shape bottles you have used in making bongs. When i'm in the food store i often will buy some juice if it has a cool bottle just for making bongs lol. And you got any cool bottle ideas for a bread bag bong? like this one ... dbad-bong/ :skunk:

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