Ocean Grown

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Ocean Grown

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Bout to blaze on Ocean Grown, that widely known
Head like a stone, rolled the L off my phone
Tucked Mary down deep in the green sweet
Pearled her just right, all nice and neat
I was down right begging for her to meet
The clipper I held in my other hand
Anxiously itching for a chance to expand
My conciousness as I cross over into Neverland
A place beyond the farthest pines
Where your mind loses all confines
Every restraint, and cause of concern
They all fade away as the blunt begins to burn
Smoke fills the air, I slip lower in my chair
And my brain resumes its noble quest elsewhere
Franticly searching for happiness and peace
Whenever I enter the void they're just within reach
I could never want my time spent there to cease
The common cure to society sucking us dry like a leech
Blaze one if you got it, that's what I'll always preach
Off this OG we'll feel like we're chillin' on Long Beach
Sun in our eyes, palm trees dancing overhead
Only clear skies, my body feels like lead
I can barely move but who the hell cares
I'll catch up later, carry on your own affairs
Zoned out underneath this shade tree
High as fuck off this O.G.
I'll be fine, leave me be
Move along, nothing to see

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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