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Re: The Random Topic

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logically wrote:
Fri Oct 28, 2022 6:38 pm
Sure is fun seeing all the different people who have checked in over the years. Life happens to everyone, not just me. I mean I knew that already of course, but it's nice seeing it.

I ended up going into technology and I'm a sysadmin for a medium sized company.

I still toke almost every day. I'm bald and fat now lmao.

I'm not sure why I came back to WG now after all these years. It's gives me a certain melancholy to think back on how much more lighthearted life seemed to be back in the prime of this forum.

This forum is a beautiful time capsule. Real shame about the data loss that happened before. I had a cool custom title and stuff (definitely not still salty about losing my custom title :x )

Anyone remember when I used to do interviews with different members? :lol:

Anyway, I hope some other regulars from before find themselves coming here again just as I have. Older, wiser, but hopefully still in touch with the past that we enjoyed together.

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Re: The Random Topic

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Happy 420 anyone out there :mrgreen:
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