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Here I am once again, lost in my mind
Addicted to the feeling of leaving this world behind
Take me as I am, or not at all
If you weren't around for the rise,
I still hope you're here for the fall

Stressed out, exhausted, a little nauseous
Feeling like another hostage
Peeping around every corner, so cautious
It'll all be okay, I was promised

But I'm beginning to have my doubts
As the rest of this world screams and shouts
I surrender myself to seclusion,
Uncertain of my whereabouts
Lost and alone, I feel completely at home
Stuck in my zone, quiet as a stone

Pondering my future as I review my past
Remembering good times that I knew wouldn't last
Every wonderful memory of all the smiles we shared
More than just our laughter drifted through the air

Sitting around the fire on cold winter nights
Cruising through the country or under city lights
Climbing the mountaintops and seeing the prettiest sights
We always loved to rise to the furthest of heights

Everyday, routine, on the regular
Lived my entire life as my only competitor
My own worst enemy, and my bestest friend
Looking forward to the day these words pay dividends

I only hope I can keep my mind steady until this world is ready
And even though the weight on my shoulders is growing heavy
I refuse to stop moving, to stop learning
While the fire in my chest remains burning
I will keep the drive alive and never take five

No time-outs, no time off
Tearing down these walls just like Gorbachev
Rushin' to find a way through the chaos
Give me a chance to practice
One day I'll escape this madness

"Not all those who wander are lost."

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